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To study in Spain

To study in Spain

Currently, the costs to pay for studying in Spain are less than in some European countries. Also there is an indisputable advantage when you are still choosing the country to study is the fact that in Spain there are branches of European universities. Many people from all over the world come to study in Spain.

To study in SpainFor getting the student´s visa in Spain, a foreigner needs to set some basic conditions:

To present a document certifying enrollment in a public or private institution in Spain, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Spain, which should feature information: student’s name, school name, the name of the course, the period of training and number of training hours per week.

Prove the availability of economic resources sufficient to live in Spain and return to their homeland – a statement from the bank in recent months, sponsorship letter or certificate of employment. Sometimes Consulate requests tax returns to prove the legality of the means available. Economic instruments should be personal.

Health insurance

Health insurance. Typically, two types of necessary insurance – insurance that covers repatriation, return the body home and medical health insurance.

The application for a student visa to Spain.

Proof of identity – a passport (+ photocopies of all pages).

If the training period exceeds 6 months, you must also submit a medical certificate confirming the absence of disease and a police certificate of no criminal record.

Available documents must be translated into Spanish and certified by the Consulate of Spain in Russia. Notary documents and certificates of good conduct necessary to put Apostille.

We help to our clients to make the Entry to the University and to prepare all the necessary documents for getting the student visa in Spain.

If all the above conditions, with a positive response Consulate and obtain student visa in Spain, a prospective student coming to Spain and is entitled to receive a residence permit for studying at the training, for which the police is necessary to pass:

Fingerprints, present a passport with a visa, application for a residence permit card, receipt of payment of state duty, three recent color photos on a white background size carnet, the residence permit is renewed if you continue to study in Spain. If the training lasts at least 6 months – a residence permit is issued.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer them.


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